Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Carol triple play

Same story, illustrated with three completely different styles. A CHRISTMAS CAROL is such a familiar story does anyone need to have it explained to them?

First, Roberto Innocenti, the masterful Italian illustrator, has done a very moody version, with his London of the 1840s looking historically accurate. (Except for the ghosts, that is.)

John Groth was a World War II combat artist and was art director of ESQUIRE magazine for many years. His 1962 version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL shows a fast, loose pen and watercolor style. I got these scans from the defunct Illustration Station blog.

Finally, this sharp satire is from HUMBUG #6, 1957, drawn by Arnold Roth. There is now a deluxe slipcased two-volume set of the eleven issues of HUMBUG. These scans are courtesy of Pappy, who posted them originally in 2007.

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens, illustrated by Robert Innocenti, copyright © 1990 Roberto Innocenti

A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens, illustrated by John Groth, copyright © 1962, Macmillan Publishing

HUMBUG Copyright © 1957 Humbug Publishing


  1. Enjoyed my little browse into your blog, interesting amazing art and I'll check back again and see what you have in store for the New Year.

  2. Thanks for the look. I appreciate this kind of feedback.


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