Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bogeyman'll get you if you don't watch out...

BOGEYMAN COMICS (spelled "comics" in the indicia and not "comix" for its underground origins), was founded by San Francisco Comic Book Company owner Gary Arlingon and artist Rory Hayes in 1969. The first issue was drawn completely by Hayes.

After issue #1 other artists were included, including this third issue, with Jack "Jaxon" Jackson on the cover, and interior art by no less than Simon Deitch, Jay Lynch, Greg Irons, Jeff Hayes (Rory's brother?), Spain, S. Clay Wilson and Rick Griffin. The stories are still loosely based on the EC tradition, but like most spins on those comics by the top underground artists, they have their own distinct style.

Thanks to Sir Real's Underground Comix Classix, who did the scanning and posted this comic online.

BOGEYMAN COMICS #3, published by Co. and Sons, First Printing, 1970.

Copyright © 1970 the respective artists.


  1. HGE: I loved the Rag, truly in the EC tradition. The art is so damn terrifying. I loved to death the panel with the mad teddy bear scientist calling down from the high rocks at the other swamp teddies, calling them fatuos fools while the mutant, giant rag grins horribly behind him. Of the bunch, I found Swamp Girl the most frightening. Look at that face and it is easy to imagine her turning on you suddenly. What a great comic. Thanks for posting. -- Mykal

  2. Mykal, you are obviously a discerning and discriminating reader as well as blogger.


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