Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I think they'll take the hot-dog competition hands down."

Here are some black and white cartoons from 1975 issues of PLAYBOY. It's nice to see cartoonists like Chon Day, Virgil (Vip) Partch, Kliban and others who have now passed on, still active at the time.

Copyright © 1975 Playboy


  1. HGE: Regarding the hot dog compitetion, I can't imagine there'd be any serious rivals. Great post. My favorite was the psychologist telling the sezy patient, "By george, you're right. It does look like two spiders . . ."

    Great post! -- Mykal

  2. My personal favorite is the "fascist pig" cartoon by Kliban, but I'm a Kliban fan and miss his artwork.

    Thanks for the feedback, Mykal.


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