Monday, September 6, 2010

Wally Wood's Tower of Shadows stories

Wallace Wood and his assistants turned out some beautifully illustrated fantasy stories in the early 1970s. Some of them ended up in the Marvel Comics title, TOWER OF SHADOWS. iN 1982 they were collected, along with some other material, in a hardcover volume called THE MARVEL COMICS ART OF WALLY WOOD. I have that book, but these stories are scanned from their original comic book appearances.

"Flight Into Fear" is from TOWER OF SHADOWS #5, "The Ghost Beast" from #6, "Of Swords and Sorcery" from #7, and "Sanctuary" from #8.

TOWER OF SHADOWS #5-8 Copyright © 1970 Magazine Management Company, Inc.


  1. HGE: This gets my vote for comic book blog post of the year. An overwhelming number of panels and moments to cherish. This is simply outstanding in every page. And all from original comic book pages, which is so important. Origial source material always shows. I could gush on, but it would loose impact. Very well done and then some.

  2. HGE: Quick question: does the hardback from Marvel, via the glossy pages, screw up the colors too badly?

  3. Wonderful! One can never drink in too much Wood!

  4. I'm always blown away by the amount of work Wood has, not only the stuff he did for the big publishers, but his own stuff too... he must've never left his drawing board.

  5. Mykal, thanks for the good words. In answer to your question about the hardback, it looks like they used the original coloring guide for the comic books. The colors are bright, but look fine.

    Karswell, your observation of Wood never leaving his drawing board is pretty much right on.


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