Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cobean finale

I'm finally finishing up with Sam Cobean's 1950 cartoon book, COBEAN'S NAKED EYE. These are the last cartoons. You can find more from this brilliant cartoonist here, and then follow the links. I've done several postings from this book.

Copyright © 1950 Sam Cobean


  1. Damn is this guy funny. Talk about making simplicity work for you. Wow. The Arab in the alley, hawking porn of women with no veils, made me snort. I am completely ashamed to say that I was not fully aware of this guy's work before your posts (although I probably saw a cartoon here or there without realizing).

    Typically great post!

  2. They're all very funny, but the cartoon with the veiled women is STILL edgy, 60 years later.

  3. There's always a risk when showing old-fashioned racially insensitive cartoons that I'll offend. Obviously I chose to show it anyway.

  4. I like the one with the woman at the ski shop on the floor looking at herself in the mirror... "...yes, even when I fall on my ass these skis make my legs look good." haha


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