Thursday, November 25, 2010

The forgotten Warren magazine...

While vamping young guys with Vampirella and creeping us out with Uncle Creepy, publisher Jim Warren also published three issues of TEEN LOVE STORIES, a magazine aimed at girls. The comic strips the magazine used were, quoting from THE WARREN COMPANION (2001), "comprise[d of] . . . reprints from British romance comics published by Fleetway. The long strips in each issue were re-sized reprintings of strips from either of their digest-sized Picture Library Titles: True Life Library or Love Story Library." . . . Sellectiones Illustrada [sic]* provided most of the artwork for Fleetway's romance line, though these reprintings predate their formal publishing relationship with Warren by several years. Jim Warren obtained the strips directly from Fleetway . . ."

*Actually spelled Selecciones Ilustradas.

This is TEEN LOVE STORIES #1, 1967.

Copyright © 1967 Warren Publishing Co.

Part 2 is just below.

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