Friday, November 12, 2010

Mexican horrors!

This a re-post from the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog 2008:

There are things that scare me about Mexico: being caught in the crossfire of a drug war, the water, and being held in a scissor lock between a lady wrestler's muscular thighs. (Actually, that doesn't sound all that bad...)

The things I love about Mexico are sunny beaches, friendly people, Day of the Dead, tequila and Mexican horror movies. With that in mind, here are some great lobby cards found on the Internet:


  1. Harry: I think it is the appeal of "the other" but man, when a movie poster is in a foreign language, it seems to automatically look cool as hell.

  2. I tend to agree;it is the strong graphic element that attracts me. These were done in the days before PhotoShop or computer graphics and are classic movie hucksterism. The films could never be as good as the posters.

  3. although Mexican horror film poster art is always awesome, only one of these films is actually of Mexican origin- some are Japanese!

  4. Why do most of the actors look Chinese?


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