Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steve Ditko's Gorgo #1

This is another of my favorite Silver Age comics, GORGO #1, a movie adaptation drawn by Steve Ditko, and published in 1960. Ditko went on to draw a couple more issues of GORGO, but this one is the only one I still have. These scans are from the 1966 reprint in FANTASTIC GIANTS. At the bottom are the front and back covers from GORGO #1, which were not drawn by Ditko.

GORGO #1, Copyright © 1960 King Bros. Productions, Inc.

FANTASTIC GIANTS Copyright © 1966 Charlton Comics Group


  1. Dear HGE: Sorry to contact you via comments, but could not find a personal address in profile.

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  2. Loved this book. I was really impressed by Ditko's work here but even as a kid I was baffled by the poor color choices (such as the yellow (!) scheme for the underwater diving bell scene.

  3. Excellent choice for a post! I was familiar with this comic, but had never read it before.

    Thanks for putting it up.


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