Saturday, October 31, 2009

"You certainly have a peculiar sense of humor" and more from Chas Addams' Drawn and Quartered

A truly great cartoonist, Chas Addams' drawings demand our admiration and attention. His beautiful compositions, characters in their bewildering activities, his "Addams Family" icons, his ghoulish and morbid jokes, represent some of the best the New Yorker had to offer during the middle of the Twentieth Century. Considering their roster of the greatest American cartoonists, that's saying a lot.

Addams died at age 76 in 1988.

We've had another posting from Addams' first book, DRAWN AND QUARTERED, First Edition, published 1942: Still more Chas Addams. Links there will lead you to more Addams cartoons.

DRAWN AND QUARTERED Copyright © 1942 Random House, Inc.

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