Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bill Ward/McCartney 1963

Bob Sproul, publisher of CRACKED Mazagine, also published COLLEGE LAUGHS; he used some of the same artists in both publications. "Powers," who signed the cover, is John Powers Severin, the main CRACKED artist for decades. Bill Ward, who also signed his name McCartney, was well represented with his pretty girls and sexy humor.

Dave Miller has once again gone above and beyond the call of friendship by supplying scans from this 1963 issue. We appreciate you, Dave!

COLLEGE LAUGHS Copyright © 1963 Major Magazines, Inc.

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  1. Great collection of Ward cartoons. I recently came across another pseudonym that he used: Ordway.

    He used it in the girlie magazine French Frills vol 1 no 2 1961.


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