Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ed Wheelan's Minute Movies: "Serpents of the City" Part 1

Recently Pappy showed an Ed Wheelan Comics McCormick strip from EC Comics. Wheelan was an old-time cartoonist, born in 1888, whose work first appeared in Hearst newspapers around the time of World War I . He then moved to the George Mathew Adams Syndicate to produce what was probably his most successful comic strip, MINUTE MOVIES, from 1921 until 1935.

This is a 1933 example of MINUTE MOVIES. The comic strips were divided into two tiers, and Wheelan presented them as silent movies, with a regular cast who rotated in and out of the stories as different characters.

Edgar Wheelan died in 1966.

"Serpents of the City" is scanned from its printing in NOSTALGIA COMICS #2 and #3.

NOSTALGIA COMICS Copyright © 1972 Nostalgia Press

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