Monday, November 9, 2009

Water On The Brain by Virgil Partch (Vip)

Anyone who's read this blog or the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog knows I'm a Virgil Partch (Vip) fan. In the original HGE blog alone there have been 17 postings of his work. Go there and type in Vip in the search engine in the upper left corner.

For fans of Vip's BIG GEORGE daily newspaper panel, in August we had the first part of two installments from his 1962 Big George collection. I still plan on showing part 2...just be patient with me.

These bizarre and unique Vip cartoons are from the first edition of WATER ON THE BRAIN, a 1945 collection by Partch.

WATER ON THE BRAIN Copyright © 1945 Robert M. McBride & Co.


  1. These are weird, wonderful, and womb-returning cartoons... thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for posting these. I loved Big George back in the day. I've looked for him on the internet and the pickins are slim. I'd always heard he drew 6-fingered hands as a rebellion to Disney's 3-finger guys. I never saw it in Big George, but finally I see it here! I've been wondering for years if that was true.


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