Friday, May 7, 2010

Jack Davis album jackets

HGE contributor David Miller has provided some more great album jackets by the one-and-only Jack Davis.

More Jack Davis album covers from David Miller's collection are featured in the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog, here, and here.

There are some other MADmen album covers here.

Many thanks, Dave!

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  1. I am actually a proud owner of the Homer and Jethro album "Songs My Mother Never Sang".

    Jack had a way with drawing the goofiest looking guys (even while caricaturing ACTUAL goofy looking guys) AND drawing the hottest looking women in the same breath. sigh.

  2. Congratulations! For your outstanding work in the Sphere of Blogs, you have been selected to receive the coveted Kreativ Blogger Award, an honor that was never bestowed on the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Florence Nightingale, or Bill Gaines.

  3. I have never seen a single one of these album covers, and they are all wonderful. That's what I call a good post.


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