Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monsters and Things

A lot of magazines stopped publishing in 1958 when distributor American News Company went out of business. Included amongst the casualties is a personal favorite of mine, MONSTERS AND THINGS. Mom wouldn't let me buy it in 1958, no matter how bad a tantrum I threw. I waited 40 years and found a copy. So there, Mom!

This issue, #2, was the last issue. Too bad. Bob Powell cover and illustrations, monster pin-ups, horror comics reprint, and some cool fiction. I still like it.

Copyright © 1958 Magnum Publications, Inc.


  1. awesome, Monsters & Things is one monster magazine i had yet to see the inside of, thanx!

  2. “Magnum Publications” has been misread as “Magazine Publications”. Magnum Publications was Stein's successor to Royal Publications. And the successor to Magnum publications was Lancer Books.

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  5. I think that page 12 needs to be included to complete “The Story of Frankenstein”.

  6. Daniel, typo corrected from Magazine to Magnum, and page 12 inserted. Thanks for catching both mistakes.

    To everyone: I can't put my hands on the exact quote, but I recall Silverberg, writing in one of his autobiographical introductions in a volume of his collected early work, saying he got a monthly retainer from Larry T. Shaw to provide stories and novelettes for Shaw's science fiction digests. I remember he wrote that he also wrote stories for Shaw's short-lived monster magazines, and if so, these stories could very well be early Robert Silverberg, written under pseudonyms.

  7. I would bet environmentalists would go nuts today if someone created a monster "from Green Hell"!


    Steven G. Willis


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