Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rick Geary's Tell-Tale Heart

Rick Geary is a cartoonist with a totally unique style and an equally unique body of work produced over the past few decades. My favorites of Geary's work are his volumes of A TREASURY OF VICTORIAN MURDER from NBM. The volumes in this series are universally well researched, well written and informative, all the while entertaining us with Geary's artwork.

"The Tell Tale Heart" is from Byron Preiss' production of THE BANK STREET BOOK OF CREEPY TALES, a trade paperback collection of short graphic fiction, done for young readers. Geary's artwork leaps out, and his vision of Edgar Allan Poe's tale of a senseless murder, told from the standpoint of the psychotic and paranoid murderer, is perfect for the macabre subject matter.

Copyright © 1989 by Byron Preiss Visual Associates, Inc.

This blog has an excerpt from Geary's book, THE MURDER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.


  1. Rick Geary is one of my favorite artists. He had a huge influence on my own work. I have not seen this before. Thanks for posting.

  2. WONDERFUL! Thanks for posting this.

    I am currently working on a massice POE blog project. Among other things, I have 6 different comics versions of "The Tell-Tale Heart" (SO FAR!).


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