Sunday, July 4, 2010

This is Little Lulu

Dell repackaged LITTLE LULU comics as a 25-cent paperback book in 1956. It combined old Lulu cartoons by Marjorie Henderson Buell, "Marge," and reprinted stories by John Stanley, drawn by Irving Tripp. Lulu was popular as a pantomime comic panel in the SATURDAY EVENING POST, but the comic book, which gave her voice, was popular for many years after Buell had effectively ended her association with the character. Buell later sold the copyrights of Little Lulu to the publisher, but this book is copyright in her name.

I've scanned some of the Marge cartoons from the book, as well as some of the Stanley/Tripp material. It's a shame the comic book team wasn't credited, but that was the comic book business of the era, mostly anonymous.

Buell and Stanley both died in 1993; Tripp died in 2009.

THIS IS LITTLE LULU, Dell Publishing, 1956. Copyright © 1956 Marjorie Henderson Buell


  1. It's GREAT seeing these "Marge" seldom seen nowadays.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. It's interesting to compare the various styles. Except for the hairdo, Stanley & Tripp's version of Lulu is quite different than Marge's.

    There are more Marge cartoons at the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog.

    Jeff, have a great 4th of July holiday. HGE

  3. HGE: I echo Jeff. I always forget how fine those orginal one-panels were from Beull. So much presented and given about the character with so few lines and space. And so damn funny. Lord knows Stanley has gotten his share of applause 9and then some). Thanks for the reminder about the orignal.

  4. Mykal, as I recall the story, Marge got her spot in the SATURDAY EVENING POST when Carl Anderson took his Henry character to King Features.

    The John Stanley Lulu was sufficiently different from Marge's that I consider her another character.

  5. Always was my favourite comic as a kid. Interesting that Marge's Lulu has skinny long legs.


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