Monday, December 27, 2010

Worst from Mad Sunday funnies

THE WORST FROM MAD #4, from 1961, had a great insert: a full-size 8-page comic strip section. It's not only great satire on popular comic strips of the day, but nostalgic for those of us who remember those big pages from our Sunday newspapers, classic comics full of wonderful artwork.

I can see Wally Wood's distinctive work in several strips, but don't know who did any other artwork.

I took these scans from the four-CD set, TOTALLY MAD, from 1999.

Copyright © 1961, 1999 E.C. Publications, Inc.


  1. The 2003 MAD compilation book MAD About Comic Strips included the "Special Bonus Insert! A classic MAD full-color 8-page pullout reprinted for the first time ever!"
    Anyway - the contents page of the book give art credits for all the features inside, including MAD Magazine's Sunday Comic Section.

    Wally Wood: Blondey, Li'l Abneh, Mary Worthless, Prince Violent, Believe It or Don't, Pogum.
    Joe Orlando: Muck Trail, Flush Gordon
    Bob Clarke: Miss Peachy, Beagle Bagle, Peanutz, Smokey Stogie, The Do-Little King
    George Woodbridge: The Scramtom, Tarscram, The Krautzarscrammin Kids

    The GW on a rock in the very last panel was the only hint/sig I could find in the piece.

  2. I find it interesting that they didn't actually parody the Little King. The MAD version is more of an homage than anything. Good on Soglow, I suppose.

  3. Good on ya, dddegg. I missed the 2003 MAD ABOUT COMIC STRIPS book, and I'm glad you are able to set the record straight. Thanks!

  4. this needs to happen again! it's time to be parodical with Dilbert, Kathy, Bizarro, the Family Circus... why not?


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