Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Early Jack Davis

Excerpts from THE ART OF JACK DAVIS by Hank Harrison, showing some of Davis' earliest published work.

Copyright © 1987 Stabur Press, Inc.

Copyright © 1987 Jack Davis


  1. I will be seeing Mr. Davis at an event in North Carolina in a couple of weeks. Two other Mad magazine staffers will be present too.

    My brother won an original Davis page from the classic EC series, Incredible Science Fiction at a Heritage auction last month. Paid almost #1200 for it. That will now be getting signed in person!

  2. I am very envious of your brother, but there isn't any way I could have paid $1200.

    I did get Davis to sign the Scrooge cover of Humbug #6 at a San Diego Con. He was gracious and soft-spoken, a true gentleman and cartooning genius. One of my idols for many years.

  3. Great to see the early Davis. His style has been very influential on caricature artists for decades now. Those skinny legs and big feet in the Boondockers picture where Davis is talking to Swabby really shows what was to come. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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