Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Archie Mystery

While the teenage Archie was busy shuttling between Betty and Veronica, spending his time at the Choc'lit Shop with pal Jughead, being a teenage boy with teenage troubles, his pre-adolescent self, Little Archie, was having adventures.

Bob Bolling was the principal artist for the Little Archie comic books. I have fond recollections of the giant comics. In one of them Little Archie went to Mars! (This has been reprinted in the Little Archie collection, THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE ARCHIE.

This is issue #1 of LITTLE ARCHIE MYSTERY COMICS, which lasted two issues.

In weeks to come I will be posting some of my favorite silver age comics. If you've seen them before II hope you'll enjoy re-visiting them, or if you haven't seen them, visiting them for the first time.

LITTLE ARCHIE MYSTERY COMICS #1, Copyright © 1963 Archie Comic Publications, Inc.

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