Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Nine to Fivers

The SATURDAY EVENING POST pages in the '50s were like a Who's Who of cartoonists. All the greats ended up there sooner or later. This book, THE NINE TO FIVERS, is a collection first published in 1962. These cartoons are from the 1964 Popular Library paperback printing. They brought back a lot of memories for me of getting to my parents' subscription copy of the magazine so I could read all of the panel gags. When my parents had read the magazine I cut out all of the cartoons, and had hundreds of them at one time, now all lost. This book is a reminder to me of how much I enjoyed them at the time.

I have a lot more of these to come.

Copyright © 1962 E. P. Dutton Co.


  1. Just wonderful gag cartoons, Harry. So sorry to hear that your SEP gag cartoon clippings file was lost. Ouch!

  2. These are fantastic. I seem to remember my folks had books like this when I was a kid and I would read them over and over.

    I was pointed over here by Tom Spurgeon at Comics Reporter. I'm traipsing through your archives (hey I'm on my "lunch break") and it's a whole lot of fun. Well done.

  3. Considering that The Saturday Evening Post had a conservative reputation (if not politically than at least culturally) these cartoons are downright subversive!

  4. Thanks for the collective thumbs-up. I appreciate all of you joining in.

    Mike, on collecting: I could fill a warehouse with the things I've lost over the years, including things I've thrown, given away or sold that I wish I had back. But then I already live in a virtual paper museum with less living space each year.


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