Tuesday, September 15, 2009

French fried laughs

Excerpts from a book of French gag cartoons by cartoonists Bosc, Lauzier, Maurice Henry, Mose and Trez.

FRIVOLITÉS Copyright © 1955 Fernand Hazan


  1. I never knew that captionless cartoons were such an integral part of French culture

  2. I left out the captioned cartoons. Since my French is pretty rusty (to the point of being useless)I tried using Google translator, but rather than risk a war with France over some really bad translations I just didn't post them. It was a judgment call on my part.

    I think you'll agree that most of the cartoons don't need captions, but there are a couple that are strange. The man with the little girl chained to him has me scratching my head. What's that about?

    Thanks for the comment, mon ami.


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