Friday, August 7, 2009

Big George by Vip

According to Don Markstein's Toonopedia, Virgil Partch's daily panel and Sunday strip, BIG GEORGE, went on until 1990, even though Partch died in 1984. That's how far ahead he worked.

Partch, who signed himself Vip, was a great cartoonist with wild and surreal ideas. If you want more, go to the original Hairy Green Eyeball (turn your own eyeballs right to the link----->) and then type Virgil Franklin Partch or Vip into the search engine in the top left corner. You'll get a lot of Vip cartoons. You'll also find a 1976 article on Vip from CARTOONIST PROFILES.

These scans are provided by David Miller, a fellow Vipmaniac, whose gifts of several of Vip's '50s cartoon books form the basis of my Vip collection. This is the first part of two, and I'll have more at some time in the near future. The BIG GEORGE panel began in 1960, and the book these are scanned from was published in 1962.

BIG GEORGE By Virgil Franklin Partch, Duell, Sloan and Pierce, 1962.

Copyright © 1962 Virgil Franklin Partch

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  1. Patch was such a good cartoonist! Thank you for posting these!


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