Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If 1950 comes around again...

1950 would have been a great year if you had this fine Al Moore calendar from ESQUIRE magazine to look at. Sorry I don't have the complete year, but I've filled it in with a couple of other great ESQUIRE pin-ups by Moore.

Just in case 1950 ever comes around again and you need to know what day it is, I've included a 1950 Katy Keene calendar page.

Thanks to the anonymous donor for these great scans.

Copyright © 1949 Esquire

Copyright © 1949 Archie Publications


  1. That is scrumptious artwork to the max, my friend. Hate that I missed this post on the first pass. Drool!

    Miss February really channels The Black Canary for me. Yummy!

  2. here, man, complete your year!



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