Friday, January 22, 2010

William Steig's Search for Time Lost

A memoir of childhood, done in a child's style by William Steig from his 1963 book, CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE.

But first, a 3-page article on Steig from the February 18, 1946 issue of LIFE.

CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCE First Edition, Copyright © 1959, 1961 The New Yorker Magazine. Copyright © 1963 William Steig.

Article Copyright © 1946 Time-Life


  1. i have a wonderful old set of
    frosted cocktail glasses, each
    with a drawing my steig on it!

    i always enjoyed his drawing
    richard fox

  2. Steig was one of a kind, even avant garde. His work was very popular with a sophisticated crowd, even when he got more populist with his children's books.

  3. the photo pony: what a great concept.


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