Sunday, January 10, 2010

Return of the Timely heroes...

Here's another of my favorite silver age comics. In this case a comic within a comic; MARVEL SUPER HEROES #20 from 1969 reprinted the contents of the golden age YOUNG MEN #24 from 1953.

Copyright © 1953, 1969 Marvel Comics


  1. So that's what really happened to Hitler!

    And dig that beautiful art by Bill Everett on Sub-Mariner.. (Namor seems unusually tame in that comic.)

    Thank you for posting, H.G.E.

  2. I remember this reprinting, and one of these days I'll go through it, comparing it to the original 1953 version to see if it was cleaned up by the Code. It's always good to see the 1950s versions of the iconic Marvel characters.

  3. The revival of these characters was, of course, short-lived, coming to an end with the issue of Sub-Mariner Comics for October 1955. The Silver Age is taken to begin exactly a year later, with the issue of Showcase for October 1956, in which appeared Barry Allen, the second Flash.


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