Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bill Ward's Cartoon Parade

Cartoons by the inimitable Bill Ward. The printed cartoons are from CARTOON PARADE, and are courtesy of scanner par excellence, Dave Miller. The bottom three cartoons are from original art.

CARTOON PARADE Copyright © 1973 Humorama

"My wife wonders if we could borrow some ice."

"Professor! You forget yourself!"

"It isn't my forehand I'm worried about, Mr.'s both of yours!"


  1. The last caption should read "It isn't my forehand I'm worried about, Mr. Allison... it's both of yours."

    Great collection!

  2. I sure would like to own an original by Ward. Someone has been selling the heck out of Ward originals on eBay for sometime now, but I get snaked every time I throw my hat into the ring.

  3. Thanks, Wayhip. I made the changes and appreciate you cluing me in.


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