Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Comic Artist

Famed UK science fiction artist Angus McKie did some fantastic comic book work for HEAVY METAL magazine, including this vibrant, funny and paranoid story, "Comic Artist," which appeared in the May, 1990 issue.

Calling on the spirit of underground comix and the sumptuous painted treatment of Little Annie Fanny in PLAYBOY, McKie's story is a tour de force of influences but with his exceptional and fine airbrush art, uniquely his own.

For more work by this talented artist visit his website

"Comic Artist," Copyright © 1990 Angus McKie

HEAVY METAL Copyright © 1990 HM Communications, Inc.


  1. Thanks for the blast from the past, Harry.

  2. This stuff makes MY eyeballs feel hairy and green.

    AWESOME post!

  3. Never anyone quite like Angus McKie! I love his work.

  4. HGE: Man, this is this stuff tremendous. When the creature ego/demon bursts forth . . . what a moment! Isn't that every comic book geek and artist's ultimate fantasy of themselves? I.E.: An immense monster demanding nothing but terrifying fear and over powering respect with, of course, a brutal club for a penis.

    Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention! -- Mykal


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