Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cracked #1 reprint

CRACKED reprinted its 1957 first issue in 1987. CRACKED, which came out during a wave of MAD imitators, managed to outlive all of them but MAD.

Artists represented in the first issue included some who would continue at the magazine for the length of its existence: John Severin, Bill Ward, Don Orehek.

Copyright © 1987 Globe Communications


  1. Apparently there are some pages missing. I know it has parts of #2. There's a book coming out in a few months with an index.

  2. Since the page counts didn't add up I thought there was content missing, but I'm showing it as it was published in the reprint edition of 1987. The only thing I didn't include in this posting is a 1987 calendar, which I found an odd choice to publish, since there was obviously a lot more satirical material to reprint. I'm just not sure what sort of decisions the editors in 1987 had to make when they decided to reprint #1 or why they left anything out.

  3. Cracked definitely had some great moments... particularly in this issue with the greeting cards, and also the Lone Ranger gag, haha!

  4. I know Cracked was seen as the poor man's MAD, but I loved it. My favorite bits were the vintage Dan Clowes.

  5. I liked Clowes' work, also. For being a poor man's Mad, Cracked lasted a long time. The shame is that while Mad is being endlessly reprinted, Cracked is languishing in back issue bins. There's a lot of really great art that won't be seen again.


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