Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Still more They'll Do It Every Time

More great panels from Jimmy Hatlo's classic "They'll Do It Every Time" comic panel. These are from the World War II era. You can find more of these here.

Copyright © 1941, 1942, 1943 King Features Syndicate


  1. HGE: Not only was Hatlo a great cartoonist, he was also very, very funny. "So we inherit Dribblechin," says one office worker to the other, "What's this lug's snug harbor?" Has frustration over nepotism ever been better put? Love Hatlo - When I was a kid reading "they'll do it every time," I thought Hatlo the pinnacle of sophisticated, grown-up cartooning. It still gives me a thrill to see his distinctive, perfectly drawn work, and my opinion hasn't changed much.

  2. I totally agree with your assessment, Mykal, and these panels had to be killers to draw. All those figures, all that perspective!

    I know he used assistants, but it doesn't lessen my admiration for his really fine work.


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