Friday, August 27, 2010

Jack Davis' Mad card game

This is a re-post from the original Hairy Green Eyeball blog, June 2008.

In those two years since this was first posted I still have not played this game!

Mad Magazine Card Game, ©1980 Parker Bros. Illustrated by Jack Davis


  1. me and my siss played the Hell out of this game when it first came out... I still have my deck too!

  2. Unfortunately, I find an old game like this and put it on a shelf as a collectible...but it looks like a fun game. If nothing else there's the Jack Davis art to look at.

  3. I had this or some other card game illustrated by Davis when I was younger. The game was never as fun as just staring at Davis' work.

    Sometimes for hours on end.

  4. I think I'll repost some of Jack Davis' record album covers, which contain some of his best work ever. Talk about looking for hours!


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