Friday, August 6, 2010

Donn P. Crane's early humans

Donn P. Crane was a book illustrator for many years. The examples of his I have are from THE BOOK OF HISTORY, written by Olive Beaupré Miller, assisted by Harry Neal Baum. These drawings are from the first four chapters in Volume 1, "Beginnings".

I have seen more recent editions of this four-volume set, usually printed without color, but these scans are taken from my father's books, given to him in 1930.

THE BOOK OF HISTORY, Volume 1 Copyright © 1929 The Bookhouse for Children


  1. I love it. thanks for sharing. Those old children's books had amazing illustrations, and I appreciate it whenever somebody brings one of them back from oblivion.

  2. I'm lucky because I have four volumes from this series, with Crane and some other illustrators. What I don't have are other children's books illustrated by Crane, but I'm always on the lookout.

  3. There are Crane illos all through Miller's MY BOOKHOUSE volumes -- reprinted and revised many times over the years. Many other artists are represented, too -- but Crane did more illos than any of the others for those books.

  4. This weeks posting on my bookplate blog is about Donn P. Crane


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