Monday, January 17, 2011

The JFK Comic Book

Sid Jacobson, who was the editor of Harvey Comics, has written several books since Harvey quit publishing. The 9/11 Report with artist Ernie Colon (Richie Rich) is one. In 1963 he and artist Howie Post (Hot Stuff, Spooky) collaborated on this satire of the Kennedy administration, published just months before the assassination.

I'd like to thank David Miller for sharing yet another incredible piece of comics/graphics history with the scans he provided.

There's more information on Sid Jacobson here. Howard Post died in 2010 at age 83.

Copyright © 1963 Sid Jacobson and Howard Post


  1. HGE: You know, even after all the praise that came Howie Post's way after his death, I still think the man's abilities aren't fully appreciated. He's in the top 5 for me of all time. Thanks for this incredible piece of Post legacy.

  2. Post did all sorts of things, comic strips, oomic books...he did a lot, like Harvey Comics, without credit, but once you knew Howie Post's style you could pick his art out anywhere. I love those Spooky stories he did!


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