Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robert Day

Robert Day was a freelance cartoonist whose work mainly appeared in THE NEW YORKER. His first cartoon was published there in 1931, and his last in 1976. These cartoons are scanned from the book, THE NEW YORKER 1955-1965 ALBUM.

Day died at age 84 in 1985.

Copyright © 1965 The New Yorker, Inc.


  1. Actually, reälity has sort-of caught-up with the archæology cartoon. Students really do go out and excavate some of the abandoned sites in the California desert where de Mille shot his films.

  2. I wonder if they find petrified ham sandwiches or old KFC boxes, left over from the lunches served those "thousands of extras"?

  3. That will never happen again now that special effects are done on computers. Great cartoons by a great cartoonist. They are timeless.


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