Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pussycat, the number one and only

PUSSYCAT is another of my favorite silver age comics. A one-shot, it came out in 1968, reprinting comic book stories from Martin Goodman's line of men's magazines.

The Grand Comics Database doesn't index the magazine, but the first story is by Wally Wood. The second story's artist I don't recognize. Bill Everett did the cover and centerfold, Jim Mooney drew the last story, and Bill Ward did the bulk of Pussycat's five-page adventures. The writer is unknown.

PUSSYCAT Copyright © 1968 Marvel Comics, Inc.


  1. The very first paid article I ever did (in AMAZING HEROES) was on PUSSYCAT! Actually, the writer isn't unknown. For the most part, the writer was Stan Lee's brother Larry Lieber. Some say Stan may have done one or two also. I have long been pretty sure that the Wood story is done in collaboration with someone else but not sure who. Just isn't pure Wood in style.

    Jim Mooney actually continued the PUSSYCAT feature well beyond this 1968 mag with enough stories to compile a second issue if anyone ever wanted to do so. Or maybe...THE ESSENTIAL PUSSYCAT! (Seen here):

  2. Thanks, Steve. Larry Lieber wrote it? Well, then, I have to give Larry some credit for some sexy, funny jokes.

  3. I'm pretty sure story #2 is by Al Hartly. We know he illustrated one Pussycat story, because he would tell the story about how Patsy Walker was coming to an end, so Stan Lee assigned Hartly to Pussycat, and Hartly did one one story and hated it, and prayed about what to do, and the next day Archie Comics called up Hartly and offered him a job...


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