Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, Wicked Wanda!

If you're not old enough to view adult material then please leave, right now!

"Oh, Wicked Wanda!" was a feature in PENTHOUSE magazine, originally in prose form by author Frederick Mullally, then beginning in 1973 as a comic strip feature, illustrated by Ron Embleton.

There's an article on the Wicked Wanda feature here.

Wanda ended its run in PENTHOUSE in 1980, but Embleton did another strip, "Sweet Chastity," this time authored by PENTHOUSE publisher Bob Guccione. Artist Ron Embleton died in 1988 at age 57.

These scans, originally published in the February, 1977 issue of PENTHOUSE, are provided by David Miller, who also provided some more stories of Wanda. I'll be showing them at some time in the near future. As always, thanks go to Dave for service above and beyond the call.

Copyright © 1977 PENTHOUSE


  1. Thanks! I had forgotten all about Penthouse's answer to HARVEY KURTZMAN and WILL ELDER's LITTLE ANNIE FANNY stories that ran in Playboy. In looking at (drooling over) this story, I'm struck by how similar the panoramic crowd scenes are to what Kurtzman and Elder often did in their stories. For example, the infamous orgy scene in the Goodman Beaver satire on Archie. And then, looking at your great DUDLEY FISHER post from a few days ago, I can't help but wonder if HE was an influence on Kurtzman. In any case, the Wanda stories are great fun. Now to go find a sexy woman to tie me up... pant, pant

  2. I used to sneak into my older brother's room and thumb through the copies of Penthouse he hid under his mattress. I loved reading "Wicked Wanda" then, and she's sexy as ever. Thanks for posting this :-)

  3. Helva, hope you didn't get caught with your pants down!

  4. No one remember Pusscake jeeze have i gotten that old? sit here and eat my Pate'

  5. Thank you for sharing ... let's see if I can scan my two episodes I recently dug out of my box of memories ... they are a bit earlier, though.


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