Sunday, August 30, 2009

George Petty wants your tool to be Ridgid

George Petty was a popular American pin-up artist for several decades. His work appeared in advertisements and in ESQUIRE Magazine. These illustrations are taken from 1952 and 1953 calendars produced for Ridgid Tools.Petty died in 1975.

You can read more about Petty here.

Many thanks to the anonymous scanner who made these pin-ups available online.

Copyright © 1952, 1953 Ridgid Tool Company


  1. Ah, yes, the good old Ridgid Tool calendars! A few years ago there was a great girly calendar put out by (I kid you not) Fag Bearings in Germany. What set the Fag Bearings calendars apart was that the models were generally somewhat older than your usual calendar models very tastefully dressed but provocatively photographed. They were sexy as hell!

    I don't even know if girly calendars are being printed anymore. My company (Harley-Davidson) banned them almost twenty years ago in the interests of combating sexual harassment and I'm sure most big companies have done the same.

    While I suppose I agree with the policy (I could see how such things could make female workers uncomfortable), I regret the passing of an era.

  2. I understand why companies ban them to prevent lawsuits from female employees. I used to see girly calendars hanging in service stations, warehouses, and other traditionally male workplaces. They were irresistible to those us young boys who would ogle them whenever we had a chance. Unlike the overtly sexual images of today, calendar girls like Petty's are innocent, flirtatious, leggy and beautiful. Even my wife likes to look at this style of pin-up.

  3. my husband has quite a few rigid calenders .The 50th anniversary 1985 also, anyone know how much they are worth?

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