Thursday, March 11, 2010

You'll be the Judge of that...

Ninety year old humor, including a spectacular full page cartoon by Raggedy Ann creator Johnny Gruelle, and a very early cartoon by Gardner Rea.

Many thanks again for his assistance to Dave Miller, for preparing the scans from this 1920 issue of JUDGE magazine. Couldn't do it without you, Dave!


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  2. . . .a disturbing typo on original message that rendered it incomprehensible. Let me try again . . .

    HGE: What a stunning, beautiful cover - old-school illustration. I wonder if the crushing sadness I feel when looking at it comes from my own nostalgia, or was it present for contemporary viewers of this magazine? My guess (how will we ever know for sure?) is that it always held a powerful element of melancholy. Thanks for posting such unusual and worthwhile stuff. -- Mykal

  3. You always have such interesting things to say, Mykal.

    What gives you melancholy I see as sentimentality. My grandparents were married in that era and when they saw things like this it would have reminded them of their days of courtship, when sitting on the front porch with your sweetie was hot stuff!

    Speaking of hot stuff, we flip completely next time with a post more evocative of my era: soft-core porn! What a transition, huh?


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