Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I Remember Softcore"

In this era of hardcore internet porn and anything goes, it's nostalgic to remember a day when sex in popular culture was softcore and teasing.

"I Remember Soft-Core" Copyright © 1979 Genesis Magazine

"Sexposed" Copyright © 1986 The Film Society of Lincoln Center for Film Comment magazine


  1. I love how these images and text seem far more hot and dangerous – more “pornographic" - than today's graphic, brightly lit close-ups; which all have the look of an industrial film or how-to manual. As you say, they bring on nostalgia (not sentimentality). Quite a different variety, though, than the turn-of-the-century sweet courtship of your last post, but nostalgia none the less.

    I wonder if they still make the Love Rug? I'll have to Google "The Xandria Collection." -- Mykal

  2. Wow: Update. Yes. The Xandria Collection is still doing a thriving Internet business (I'll leave it to your readers, HGE, to Google it themselves. It feels a bit sordid leaving a link)! Sadly, however, The Xandria Collection has dropped the Love Rug from production. -- Mykal

  3. I grew up thinking a tease was great. I thought it might be gone forever, but I'm surprised, though, with all the hardcore out there that magazines like Maxim, which fit into the teaser category, sell so well.

    As for the Love Rug, too bad it's not made any more, but I couldn't use one anyway, solo as I am.

  4. I guess maybe I'm not too old to remember softcore still seeming pretty damn hardcore to my young schoolboy mind. Hell, the women's underwear / bra section in the Sears catalog was like gold back in the day!


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