Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art of Jack Davis part 2

During Jack Davis' long and incredible career as a cartoonist he has achieved success in almost every medium he's attempted, except syndicating a newspaper comic strip. It's not for lack of trying. Here are some of his attempts at syndication, and examples of comic strips he worked on as an assistant to others.

This is a chapter from the First Edition of THE ART OF JACK DAVIS by Hank Harrison. Another chapter is here.

Copyright © 1987 Stabur Press, Inc.

Copyright © 1987 Jack Davis


  1. This Jack Davis stuff is priceless!

    A cartoonist I have appreciated my whole life, but never really had any insight into until this.

    Thanks very much for sharing!

  2. I read a description of Jack Davis once, three studios in his house, running from one to the other, working on projects. It seems he is triplets living in one body! He is an amazing artist and cartoonist.


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