Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dedini and Interlandi originals

These wonderful PLAYBOY cartoon originals by Phil Interlandi and Eldon Dedini are from the Heritage Auction site. The only thing I've done with them is reduce them in size so they aren't such massive scans. I'n places I've inserted a caption when it wasn't provided on the artwork itself.

Both Interlandi and Dedini are now deceased: Interlandi in 2002, Dedini in 2006.

Copyright © 2010 Playboy

Copyright © 2010 Heritage Auctions

"Well, I guess it goes to prove that not all God's children got rhythm."

"Either we start pushing birth control or we're going to be up to our asses in little people."

"So many, and so little time."

(pencil art preliminary)

Phil Interlandi

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