Monday, June 28, 2010

3 digest zines

The late underground comix historian, Clay Geerdes, called these self-published comic books DZs, for digest zines, standard size paper, folded it in half for a 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" comic book. It was an economical way for an artist to get his work out, made easy to produce in quick print shops and by photocopy machines.

Here are some examples I've had in my collection for years. THE FUNNY BOOK is from 1975, is 12-pages long, full of old vaudeville-styled humor and grotesque characters. The artist isn't credited, but according to Jay Kennedy's OFFICIAL UNDERGROUND AND NEWAVE PRICE GUIDE the art is by Gary Figari.

Gary Whitney's 8-page WINDY CITY COMIX from 1978 has a hilarious story that reads like a dream: trying to get somewhere important, can't get there, lose your clothes. I think we've all had that dream!

Doug Bryson wrote and drew CAP'N RETRO as a four-pager in 1980.

The Internet has changed self-publishing, but for me, I like these home-grown publications on paper.

THE FUNNY BOOK Copyright © 1975 Ful-Horne Productions. WINDY CITY COMIX Copyright © 1978 Gary Whitney. CAP'N RETRO Copyright © 1980 Douglas Bryson.

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