Sunday, June 13, 2010

Incredible Pulps

INCREDIBLE PULPS, with some fine covers from pulp magazines, came out in 2006 from Collectors Press. As far as I know it's now out of print, but copies can be found, and I highly recommend them. The only complaint I have about the book is its small size, 5 1/4" x 6 1/2". It doesn't do justice to some of the artwork presented, so I've enlarged some excerpted pages from the book.

Copyright © 2006 Collectors Press, Inc.


  1. HGE: There is simply to much wonderfulness to comment on here in full. Hey, dude, I have things to do today, and I could spend all of it discussing these covers.

    I cannot not express my deep love, however, for that Virgil Finlay cover on Famous Fantastic Mysteries, October 1940. I wonder if that illustrated "fungus Isle" or Face in the Abyss?" Face, I’m guessing, but the fetid nature of the face and victims, all turning into yellowish decay, makes it an open question. Lord, what surreal, horrifying greatness. I love the little man in the tentacle/limb/hand begging for his life, pleading not to be one of the men melting in the yellow goo of the face.

  2. Mykal, I had assumed that face was the Face In The Abyss, but maybe it is for Fungus Isle. Maybe it's the Face In The Fungus Isle Abyss!

    I have some more Finlay illustrations coming up here in a week or so.

  3. How come nobody knows how to paint covers like this anymore with these amounts of untamed imagination? Man.


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