Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monster Fun

A few days ago I showed some cartoons by Norman Thelwell, a popular British cartoonist. Today we've got more British humor, MONSTER FUN, published in 1975.

I really enjoy the funny, wacky drawing. I have a couple more issues from this series, and hope to show those at some time in the near future.

MONSTER FUN #1, Copyright © 1975 IPC Magazines, Ltd.


  1. HGE: It's always terribly frustrating to see work this good that I've never seen before. How much great work is out there that I'll never see? Well, at least I've seen this. Thanks.

    "March of the Mighty Ones," gets the prize today, I think. What great backgrounds! (and foregrounds, too, for that matter!)

  2. One of the frustrating things about collecting is that I don't see enough comics from other countries. I love British comics, and wish they were more widely available in the U.S.

  3. I remember getting this comic when I was a kid (seeing as I was into monsters, it seemed the most appropriate comic for me at the time). The characters and stories actually felt very similar to those in other Brit comics at the time, only with a monster twist (the opening episode of Creature Teacher is reminiscent of the old St Trinians movies, where the school is constantly vexing the men from the ministry - in one of the movies, the army occupy the school in a vain attempt to keep order)

  4. Fun stuff... you definitely can't beat a girl call Draculass (unless she's instead called Dracul-Ass.)


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